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Stop repeating challenges

Whether your challenges are physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual, learn how to resolve these challenges at their root.


Align with your mission on this planet

Get clear on what you are here to do and access the support to do it.


Gain soul-level keys to moving forward

Learn how to access and embody your soul’s treasure chest of resources so that you can unlock the door to your abundant life.

Galaxy Starborn

About Galaxy

Galaxy Starborn is a galactic channel, guide, and teacher. Trained in Akashic Records Soul Clearing, with a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology, Galaxy regularly helps clients to experience greater peace, fulfillment, and joy.

Do you long for your life here on Earth to feel easier?

You are in the right place. Right now. Right here.

Together we can help you to resolve challenges and access the resources you need to thrive on this planet.

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“You’re truly a gifted channel, healer and speaker!  I felt a lot of energy during the call, as well as saw visions and began to open up again to my greater mission here on earth."
- Bhavana Chawla Default Round Image 300x300

“I am so grateful to you for your beautiful, cosmic work! I love the shift that happened as you guided me, I received your wisdom, and we co-created.”
- Denise F. Default Round Image 300x300

“Thank you very much for inviting me to another beautiful call. Your meditation on the last call helped me very much, for I could connect very deeply with my youngest son. Unfortunately, I cannot be live on the calls, as they are during the night in Germany, but it doesn’t matter, as there is no time and space in a spiritual sense and the energy is transmitted anyway. Love and blessings,"
- Lars Frieske Default Round Image 300x300

“Thank you for the wonderful insight to my soul’s family and path. Great insight and confirmations. My head is still exploding so I definitely got a BIG download…Thank you for the gentle and loving guiding process you took me through. What a wonderful gift.”
- Gladys Default Round Image 300x300

“Wonderful call!!!! I loved it so much! Thank you so much for bringing your gifts, your love, light, wisdom and your presence to the world! That call was so right on for me! I so look forward to more connection! Love and Light,"
- Sarah Default Round Image 300x300

“Thank you! It was an amazing reading and provided me with more clarity and perspective on my gifts and talents. With Gratitude and Appreciation,”
- Mary


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