The following agreements apply to all soul coaching services, whether in a private session or group class format, with Galaxy Starborn (“Galaxy”) and Galaxy’s clients (“You”).

  1. While Galaxy may share ideas and options to potentially consider, you are responsible for all decisions you make before, during, and after your coaching session.
  2. While Galaxy may share ideas and options to potentially consider, you are solely responsible for your results.  While deep inner shifts can and often do occur in a single session, what you experience during a session and how your life journey unfolds afterwards will be unique to you.  Personal life change can be a process that takes time to anchor.  By signing up for a soul coaching session, you agree that you are devoted to your unique process of transformation.
  3. Galaxy is unable to provide personalized follow-up via email. However, you are welcome to schedule another 60-minute session at this link:  60 Minute Session. You may also purchase a 30-minute follow-up session at this link:  30 Minute Session.
  4. Session payments are nonrefundable.
  5. You may cancel and reschedule your appointment using our online scheduling system with 24-hour advance notice.
  6. If you cancel your appointment with less than 24-hour advance notice or if you do not show up for your appointment, you will forfeit your session.
  7. If you arrive late to your appointment, your appointment time will not be extended.
  8. If you have not shown up for your appointment by 15 minutes after your appointment starts, you will be considered a "no-show" and you will forfeit your appointment.
  9. If you purchased a package (multiple sessions), you will have the opportunity to schedule your remaining session(s) at the end of your first session. Please come to your first session prepared to schedule your remaining sessions.
  10. All sessions in a package must be used within 6 months’ time from the date of purchase.
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